OKAY,  your beautiful new carpet is getting a little dingy. 



What do you do?  Who can you trust?... Call on us, call on Cherokee.



On location cleaning offers many benefits.  Truck mounted steam (210 degree)


extraction is done by a heavy duty machine, a Butler unit which remains outside of the


building.  We bring our own supply of soft water and take the extracted (dirty) water


with us when we leave.  A hot detergent solution called a pre-conditioner is sprayed


into the carpet pile and is allowed time to dwell or emulsify for a period of 10-15





Then we will “steam” out the soil and pre-conditioning detergent with a Rotovac, thus


leaving your carpet very clean with virtually no residue to attract re-soiling. 



There are four main important steps to clean carpets.


1. Cleaning Agents: (Pre-conditioning):  Cleaning agents are used to prepare fabric for


cleaning through emulsifying and sequestering to separate various soils from carpet





2.  Temperature:  It is a plain and simple fact that hot water cleans more effectively


than cold.  For every 18 degree temperature rise, we double the leaning activity of


cleaning agents. We can safely operate at temperatures around 210 degrees, wool


carpets being the exception to this rule; 150-170 degrees maximum.



3.  Time:  Time for pre-conditioning agents to work and emulsify:  10-15 minutes





4.  Extraction:  Fully and thoroughly extracting soil and detergent residue for


completely clean carpets. In other words, physically removing the soil out of your





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